The Hershey HAL Day, on October 26, 2022, was a true success!  Students in Grades 3rd- 8th were challenged with a STEM Exploratory Learning Day!  Throughout the day, students interacted with labs that pushed students to engage, investigate, and solve problems.  The labs consisted of rvr challenges, where the students used a productive struggle to block code the car's pathway.   Students also learned how to create songs on the computer with circuit boards, play-dough, and electrical currents.   Finally, learners had the opportunity to escape through the lens of an Oculus to see new virtual realities!   

We are extremely thankful for Mrs. Brett Julius and Mrs. Sarah Ostmeyer, who organized this event!   Some of the items that were utilized from today's HAL event were from ESU #16's STEM trailer.  We also want to thank Lane Swedberg for his time and effort, as he spent his entire day   with us!  Check out PHOTOS from the day here!