construction parking map
A construction parking plan will be put into place on Monday, October 24.  This construction parking plan will create the boundaries for the construction project as well as a space for equipment and supplies. 

Please notice that parking areas will be relocated. On the map above you will see the areas indicated for construction, areas for student parking, and areas for staff and parent parking.  The south paved parking lot will have a few handicapped spots available, and it will be closed for all other parking.  The buses will still drop off and pick up in the normal spots. You will see a small demo area where a debris exit will be created in the side of the south wall.  There will be one or two rolloffs here to carry away the remodeling debris. A chain link fence will be in place in this area.

This parking design could change and adapt depending upon how the construction phases go.   

When the west crushed rock parking lot was created it was designed for four parking lines. You will see in the diagram how this will look and how the flow of traffic is designated. Staff and parents are encouraged to park in the west crushed rock parking area.  Students will park in the redesigned south gravel lot or the current north student parking lot.