Annually, Region V Principals host the Leadership Conference knowing the importance of building leadership skills in our youth. 


10 fifth grade students were selected to represent Hershey Elementary at the Region V, Leadership Conference.  Each student submitted an essay, given a prompt of questions on the topic of leadership that helped them earn this opportunity.  

The conference was held in Hershey this year on Friday, May 6th from 9:00-2:30.


Students had the opportunity to hear a message and participate in activities led by Josh Ericson from Team Concepts.  Activities focused on leadership, anti-bullying, and team building.  In addition to the sessions, students were able to meet about 75 other 5th grade leaders from across the panhandle.  Most importantly, students learned more about being a quality leader in our school and community, to always celebrate success, be kind, try hard things, and encourage others!1