Savings Program

Hershey Public Schools Panther Branch is officially open for $aving!  Here are some pictures from our Hype Rally & Opening Day Deposits.  Click here to see pictures

Students must have signed permission from a parent or guardian prior to being eligible to make any deposits.  Permission slips were due on March 18th, so that logistics could be organized.  If your child is interested, but is in need of a new permission slip, ask the classroom teacher or Stacy Carder in the Elementary office.  All additional permission slips that are received will have to wait until the following weeks deposit date.  The great news is that Hershey State Bank will continue to match any first time deposit of up to $5.00.  

We would like to thank Hershey State Bank, Mrs. Elliott and the FBLA Students who have volunteered their assistance, Dr. Jennifer Davidson and the Nebraska Council on Economic Education, and anyone else who had their hand in helping us get this program off the ground!