Contest Winners

ershey State Bank recently announced the winners for their 2021-22 holiday coloring contest.  Our entire PK-6 student body participated.  Winners were chosen from three grade level divisions. Congratulations to:

PK-1 Division: Addy Filips

2nd-4th Division: Josie Wilson

5th-6th Division: Araya Serrano-Piper

The winners also received a Hershey State Bank porcelain piggy bank.   We would like to thank Hershey State Bank for their continued support of our students, staff, and district!

Pictured below from Left - Right: (Front Row) Araya Serrano-Piper, Addy Filips, Josie Wilson; (Back Row) Kaye Monie, Heather Harwager, Liz Sanchez