Dear PK-6 Parents and Guardians:

We have exciting news!  We will be utilizing an online platform to gather your child’s demographics, contacts, emergency/medical, and any other pertinent information to serve your child best.  Below is the step-by-step instructions:

When creating an account you will need to use the Parent Access ID and Parent Access Password that is located on the handout that was sent home with your child on 9/3 (K-6) or 9/7 (PK). 

If you forgot your Username or Password, we can reset your account.  You may also choose the option: Forgot your password, and reset it.  If you forgot your Username, select that option and enter your email address.  You may need to call the office for assistance. 

When you have signed in, click on the Online Registration tab located at the top left corner, finally complete each form.  You will click the save button and it will navigate you to the next form.  If for some reason you cannot advance to the next page, it is because of an error or missing information.

If you do not have a device to use at home, you may come to the school and utilize one here.  Please call the elementary office at 308-368-5572  if you have any questions.