T. Bernston, J. Seamann, J. Bode, S. Koch, A. Wolfskill, Y. Troyer, J.Davis Supt.

The Hershey Public Schools’ Board of Education received the Nebraska Association of School Board’s “Board of Excellence Award,” for the 2020-2021 school year.  This award was presented to the Hershey Public School Board on August 25th, at the 2021 NASB Membership meeting held at the Sandhills Convention Center in North Platte. In order to achieve this award, last year every board member attended at least two NASB learning opportunities meetings and the board participated in a goal setting session to set board goals for the 2021-2022 school year.  Hershey Public School Board Members include:  President Steve Koch, Vice-President Yvette Troyer, Secretary Jodi Seamann, Treasurer Jason Bode, Tim Berntson and Amy Wolfskill. 

Individual board members were also recognized through NASB's Award of Achievement Program.   Steve Koch reached Level X, the highest honor through NASB;   Yvette Troyer reached Level V, Jason Bode reached Level III, Tim Berntson and Amy Wolfskill achieved Level I.  Jodi Seamann is at Level VI.  Congratulations to all of our board members for their commitment to Hershey Public Schools.