Reminder to Parents about School Chromebooks

Hershey Parents and Students,

This message is to serve as a reminder that under school district policy 5037 – Student Internet and Computer Access, students are expected to use computers and the internet as an educational resource.  The computer provided to the student is owned by the school district.  As with any school property, any electronic files on the system are subject to search and inspection at any time.  The school district uses GoGuardian to monitor student use of the school’s computers.  This program allows the school district to filter and monitor any school device, and the school district does so during school hours.  The school’s monitoring includes viewing a student’s school device screen during school hours.  It does NOT allow the school to activate or monitor any device camera.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Jeff Steinbeck 7-12 principal or Jared Thomsen K-6 principal at 308-368-5573.