Below are some answers to frequently asked questions.  Please read

Will attendance be taken?  Yes, attendance will be taken on Monday, November 30th.  7-12 students will login as directed to each class via zoom.  Elementary students will follow the directions that were given to them by their individual classroom teachers and through the communication that Mr. Thomsen sent out.  Please read this here.  Students will be using Zoom and either Canvas or See Saw to login on November 30th.

What is Canvas or See Saw?  Canvas and See Saw are Learning Management Systems.  Canvas is used in grades 3-12 and See Saw is used in grades K-2.  Learning Management Systems are programs that allow the teacher to interact digitally with each student.  The instructor can place digital content into a course container such as  handouts, presentations, assignments, discussion questions and quizzes into the LMS.  The student can see these course materials. The students can download information and  also upload digital content directly to the teacher.  The teacher can grade these assignments if they so choose, or grade them manually.   If grades are stored into Canvas, they are then synced into PowerSchool.  

If you are interested in seeing a YouTube video of what canvas looks like click here

PowerSchool - PowerSchool is our Student Information System.  All grades are posted into PowerSchool, where students and parents can see individual assignments and quarter and semester averages.  Attendance is also displayed in PowerSchool as well as announcements.  All grades in PowerSchool utilized by the district for assessment information.

How do I contact my teacher if I have a question?  There are multiple ways to contact teachers.  One of these ways is through email.  Please click here for staff email addresses.

You can also email your teacher through the PowerSchool App or the Hershey Panthers App on your phone or from your computer.

Some teachers have also set up other forms of communication, such as remind or Class DoJo  Please utilize the method that is easiest for you.

Have students practiced how to login and use Zoom and/or Canvas and See Saw?  Yes, teachers have had students practice in their classrooms.  The real test however, is logging in from home and seeing how things go. Your child should know how to login and access their information.  Please ask them to show you how.

Do 7-12 students need to login for a study hall on November 30th?  No, 7-12 students do not need to login and zoom with their study hall teacher.

Do 7-12 student aides need to login during their student aide period on November 30th?  No, 7-12 student aides do not need to login to their classroom assignment on November 30th.

Will Lunch be available on November 30th?  No, we are sorry for this inconvenience, but lunch will not be available on November 30th

Will students still participate in Afterschool activities?  Yes, students will still participate in their afterschool activities.  Their coaches or sponsors will have communicated their practice sessions with each student.

Where can I find more information on Remote Learning Day?  

Please click on this link to read more detailed information on Remote Learning Day

K-6 Parents Click Here for information from Mr. Thomsen and also click on Remote Learning Guidelines for more information

7-12 Parents - Click on Remote Learning Guidelines

The Remote Learning Guidelines will give information on Student, Parent and Teacher/Administration's roles and responsibilities as well as general guidelines for remote learning. staff email links and a remote learning schedule.

We will be asking for feedback from you on how you feel we can improve upon our remote learning experience for our students and teachers.  Please be watching for a survey to provide us with this input.