USDA Extends Summer Food Service Program

I am pleased to announce that the US Secretary of Agriculture has extended the authorization for the Summer Food Service Program!  This means that all Hershey Public Schools students who are enrolled are eligible for one breakfast and one lunch free per day, regardless of eligibility.  This program will run through first semester or until the federal funds run out.

More Information:

Only complete meals will be free. Any “seconds”, A La Carte items or extras will be charged accordingly, this includes milk if your child brings lunch from home.

Because this program will end on December 31, 2020, if you believe you are eligible for Free/Reduced meals with the regular School Lunch Program, you must complete and send applications now.  The grace period from last year will be over on September 30th.  When the Summer Food Service Program ends in December, and you have not completed your application, meals served will be charged to your child’s account, beginning in January.

Any charges incurred before Sept 1 will need to be paid. This program was not in effect for the month of August.

All balances will remain on student accounts until January.  This balance may be used for “seconds” and a la carte items.

This only lasts as long as Federal funds are available.  Through December 31 or possibly before.


When does this take effect?  We will be retroactively applying for this program.  This means that, beginning on September 1, 2020, any money that your student(s) spent on complete breakfasts and lunches (this does not include seconds, a la carte, extra milks) will be credited back to their accounts.

What happens to my student’s meal account balance?   We will keep all funds in student meal accounts.  Any funds in your student’s account can be used for a la carte, seconds, or extra milks.  This program only covers one complete breakfast and lunch per student each day.  Extra funds can also be used once this program concludes at the end of first semester.

If my student has paid for lunches or breakfasts earlier in September 2020, when will their account be credited?  We will be working over the next few weeks to make sure all of our numbers are accurate.  Please check you balance online in the next couple of weeks to see the credit.  It may take a little bit of time.

Is this program for everyone?  This will be just for current Hershey Public Schools students, Mondays-Fridays.  This is a slight change from the summer, when anyone through the age of 18 was eligible for a meal 7 days a week.