Spectator Guidance for Fall 2020 Activity Season

Hershey Public Schools – Spectator Guidance for Fall 2020 Activity Season

We are putting the following guidance in place for spectators at Hershey Public Schools for the fall 2020-2021 season in order to keep students, parents, community members and school staff safe during this global pandemic. 

We are putting these protocols into place so that we do not have to:

●        limit spectators from attending events

●        pause the season due to quarantine or isolation orders

Please understand that away locations may have different COVID-19 protocols in place.  Please follow their guidance.

Following the game, fans should leave the facility. There should be no congregating in the stands or on the court.

Players should not enter the stands to visit or greet fans prior to or after the games.

 Masks must be worn at all home activities.

 All Varsity Home events will be live streamed at Hershey Public Schools YouTube Channel

Guidance may change depending upon DHM and other COVID-19 guidance

 All individuals are expected to conduct a self-screen prior to coming to the event.

...........If you are ill, please do not attend.


Indoor Activities (East Gym)–

Seating will be limited and social distancing is expected.  Family groups ( who live together) may sit together as one group without social distancing.  Each family group is asked to social distance from other family groups.  Bleachers will be marked as to which row is available for use.

Restrooms – We encourage home fans to utilize the North Bathrooms in the commons area. The South Bathrooms are for the Visitors fans.

Concession Stand – We encourage home fans to use two lines marked HOME on the North side of the Plexiglass.  A VISITOR line be marked for visitors on the South side.

Outdoor Activities – Football Field/Practice Field

Masks must be worn at all home activities. Seating will be limited and marked if available.

Once you are seated, if you are six feet apart (socially distant) from other people you can take your mask off or if you are sitting with your immediate family you can take your mask off.


Masks must be worn for the following:

●        to visit the concession stand

●        use the restroom

●        entering  and exiting the field

●        when not able to social distance on the sideline


We ask that you follow our expectations and attend our activities!  Thank you for your support, patience and flexibility throughout our season!  GO PANTHERS!