Economy concepts came to life in the fourth grade classrooms today! Students became producers and created a product to trade with peers. They created products such as stress balls, magnets, keychains, coasters, and many other innovative goods! They set up booths for their business and designed posters to attract consumers and persuaded them to trade.Students also had the opportunity to create a sales pitch. 

The students traded their products with other students to learn about ideas such as supply and demand. They were able to see how items with a high supply had less demand and items with a low supply had high demand. Producers who created high demand items were able to trade for many different goods and were able to get more goods in trade for their products. Beckett said, “I had such a high demand, next time I would increase my supply a bit.” 

It was so much fun to see the excitement in their faces during this hands-on learning experience. This was an experience that fourth graders will remember for a long time!