Get ready, parents! 🌟 MAPs Testing is right around the corner, scheduled from April 29th to May 3rd, 2024. 🗓️ But what exactly is NWEA MAPs? 🤔 And how does it relate to NSCAS? 🤔 Let's break it down:

NWEA MAPs (Measures of Academic Progress) is an assessment that measures students' academic growth throughout the school year, while NSCAS (Nebraska Student-Centered Assessment System) evaluates students' proficiency in state standards. 📊📈

End-of-the-year benchmark assessments like MAPs Testing are incredibly important for students, teachers, and parents alike. 🌟 They provide valuable insights into your child's academic progress and areas for improvement. 🎯

Now, how can parents help their child prepare for these upcoming tests? 💡 Here are some tips:

1. Ensure Ample Sleep and a Nutritious Breakfast: A well-rested and nourished body and mind perform better on tests. 😴🥣

2. Arrive to School On Time: Punctuality sets a positive tone for the day and reduces unnecessary stress. ⏰

3. Reduce Pressure: Try not to put too much pressure on your child. Encourage them to visualize success and focus on their abilities. 🌟

4. Practice Breathing Exercises: Help your child manage test anxiety by practicing deep breathing exercises to calm the mind. 🌬️

5. Use Positive Language: Frame expectations positively and avoid negative wording to maintain a supportive atmosphere. 🗣️

6. Plan for a Fun Outing: After the test, celebrate your child's hard work with a fun outing or treat. 🎉

7. Maintain a Positive Attitude: Emphasize your child's ability to demonstrate what they've learned and the value of the testing experience. 💪

And here are some additional test-taking tips for parents to share with their child:

8. Prepare in Advance: Encourage your child to start studying well before the test date. Help them create a study schedule and review materials regularly.

9. Stay Organized: Teach your child to organize their study materials and notes. Having everything in order can reduce stress and make studying more effective.

10. Read Directions Carefully: Remind your child to read all instructions and questions carefully before answering. Skipping over instructions can lead to mistakes.

11. Use Strategies for Multiple-Choice Questions: Teach your child strategies for multiple-choice questions, such as eliminating obviously incorrect answers and making educated guesses.

12. Stay Positive: Encourage your child to stay positive and confident throughout the test. Remind them that mistakes are normal and to stay focused on doing their best.

13. Take Breaks if Needed: If allowed, remind your child to take short breaks during the test to rest their mind and refocus.

14. Use Relaxation Techniques: Teach your child relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or visualization to help calm nerves during the test.

15. Review Answers: Encourage your child to review their answers if time allows. Even a quick scan can catch careless mistakes.

17. Stay Hydrated: Remind your child to drink water before and during the test to stay hydrated and alert.

18. Stay Positive: Lastly, remind your child that their worth is not determined by their test scores. Encourage them to do their best, but reassure them that you are proud of their efforts regardless of the outcome.

By sharing these tips and offering your support, you can help your child feel more confident and prepared for their tests. 🌟 #MAPsTesting #NSCAS #StudentSuccess #ParentSupport