Invention Convention

Innovation will be in the air as 6th grade Students at Hershey Public Schools are set to participate in the highly anticipated Invention Convention, a dynamic project that will merge science with creativity and problem-solving skills.

The Invention Convention, a staple project for budding scientists and inventors, will empower students to tackle real-world problems through innovative solutions. Working collaboratively in groups of three, students will embark on a journey to invent something that addresses a challenge they will identify.

This project is all about unleashing the imagination and ingenuity of our students. It will be incredible to see how they come together, brainstorm ideas, and turn them into tangible inventions.

Through the Invention Convention, we will not only be fostering scientific inquiry but also nurturing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students will learn to think outside the box and approach challenges with a creative mindset.

Once the problem is identified, students will roll up their sleeves and get to work. From brainstorming concepts to prototyping and testing, each group will navigate the invention process with enthusiasm and determination.

As the project progresses, students will not only build their inventions but also create eye-catching display boards to showcase their work. The Invention Convention will culminate in a grand event where students will present their projects to fellow classmates, teachers, and parents.

In addition to presenting their inventions, students will complete the assignment by writing a final essay reflecting on their journey, challenges faced, and lessons learned throughout the process.

Indeed, the Invention Convention will embody the spirit of curiosity, innovation, and collaboration, leaving a lasting impact on the students of Hershey Public Schools. As they continue to explore the boundaries of science and creativity, the possibilities for invention will be limitless.

The event showcase will be Wednesday, May 8, from 5:30-6 PM at Hershey Public Schools in the collaboration space; the public is welcome to attend.