On Tuesday, January 23, the 6th-grade students took center stage as they presented their Wax Museum, a captivating exploration of ancient history. The event was open to the public, inviting families and community members to witness the impressive culmination of weeks of hard work and dedication by these young historians.

As part of their assignment, each 6th-grade student delved into ancient history, selecting a prominent figure as their subject. The students then meticulously researched their chosen historical characters, composing detailed papers that highlighted key aspects of their lives and contributions to history.

The highlight of the event was the students' dynamic presentations. Each student not only delivered a well-researched speech but also donned a carefully crafted costume that mirrored the attire of their chosen historical figure. The use of poster boards further enriched the presentations, providing visual aids that enhanced the audience's understanding of the characters and their historical context.

The Wax Museum event saw an enthusiastic turnout from family and friends. Attendees were treated to an immersive experience as they moved from one 'wax figure' to another, learning about ancient history through the lens of these talented 6th-grade students.

Special recognition to the dedicated 6th Grade Teachers, Mr. Connell and Mrs. Messersmith, who guided and mentored the students throughout the entire project. Their commitment to fostering a love for history and education was evident in the outstanding quality of the students' presentations.  Pictures Here!