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2016 February Superintendent Message

The school year seems to be moving along very fast.  We are in the beginning phases of our NeSA tests with our students taking the state-wide writing test this week and next week.  The rest of the NeSA state assessments will take place in April.  Our calendar that was published last fall shows that we will not have school on Monday February 15th due to a teacher in-service.  Our staff will use this time to learn more about research-based instructional strategies based upon work done by Robert Marzano.    Adopting and utilizing a K-12 instructional framework is one step that our district can take to continue focusing on quality instruction and continued academic success! 

It is an exciting time for the staff and students as No Child Left Behind has finally been reauthorized by the federal government with the Every Student Succeeds Act.  This version of the Elementary Secondary Education Act has been met with open arms by teachers and administrators as it does away with subgroups of students having to achieve 100% proficiency in reading and math testing.  States will be given the opportunity to determine their own method of gauging school accountability.  The Nebraska Department of Education has already started along this path with AQuESTT, which stands for:  Accountability for a Quality Education System Today and Tomorrow.  This year was the first year that the state has issued their AQuESTT classification report and Hershey Public Schools as a district received a “Great” classification.  The state issues four classifications, 10% of the schools received Excellent, approximately 50 % of the schools in Nebraska received a Great, a smaller percentage received a Good and the smallest percentage of schools were listed as Needs Improvement.  More information on AQuESTT and ESSA will released as we learn more about this.

The board of education has set March 15th of each year as the last day to submit an option enrollment request for the 2016-2017 school year.  Students will not be allowed to option in or out of Hershey Public Schools after March 15th. The only two exceptions will be unless they had been attending Hershey School and moved out of the district and wants to continue attending school at Hershey or if a student moves into a district after the deadline and did not have a chance to option in or out.

Parents will be notified when we are not having school due to bad weather or other reasons by our School Messenger automated calling system. Please make sure that you notify the school if you have any special number you want the system to call to give you the school closing information. The system can have daytime numbers as well as evening numbers. Information will also be posted on our school website and on Facebook. We will still be calling the following news media to inform them of a late start or closing so you may want to listen to one of the following radio or TV stations: KNOP-TV, KX104/KODY radio, KOLN-TV, NTV, KOGA radio, and KELN/KOOQ radio.

Let me know if I can ever be of assistance to you in anyway. Have a great month!



Mrs. Jane Davis