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Staff Directory


Jane Davis Superintendent jane.davis@hpspanthers.org
Jeff Steinbeck Secondary Principal jeff.steinbeck@hpspanthers.org 
Jeremy Thomas AD/Asst. Principal jeremy.thomas@hpspanthers.org
Jason Calahan Elementary Principal jason.calahan@hpspanthers.org


Dorinda Allen Math dorinda.allen@hpspanthers.org
Drew Anderson Science drew.anderson@hpspanthers.org
Tracy Ballentine Resource tracy.ballentine@hpspanthers.org
Kristin Benjamin Library kristin.benjamin@hpspanthers.org
Amy Beyer Science & P.E. amy.beyer@hpspanthers.org
Dani Bode Elem. P.E. dani.bode@hpspanthers.org
Jeff  Brittenham Science jeff.brittenham@hpspanthers.org
Ellen Chamley Vocal Music ellen.chamley@hpspanthers.org
Teresa  Cox Pre-School teresa.cox@hpspanthers.org
Tyler Cronin Math tyler.cronin@hpspanthers.org
Kathy DaMoude Spanish kathy.damoude@hpspanthers.org
Shanna Duggan Fourth Grade shanna.duggan@hpspanthers.org
Marcy  Durfee English marcy.durfee@hpspanthers.org
Mindy Ebmeier Resource mindy.ebmeier@hpspanthers.org
Cynthia Elliott Business cynthia.elliott@hpspanthers.org
Rick Elsasser History/Government rick.elsasser@hpspanthers.org
Lori Evans Instrumental Music lori.evans@hpspanthers.org
Jessica Gieselman Resource jessica.gieselman@hpspanthers.org
Staci Gilmore Fifth Grade staci.gilmore@hpspanthers.org
Tami Hacker Second Grade tami.hacker@hpspanthers.org
Kelli Holton Sixth Grade kelli.holton@hpspanthers.org
Sue Hutchison Title sue.hutchison@hpspanthers.org
Ashley Johanson First Grade ashley.johanson@hpspanthers.org
Suzi Johnson Kindergarten suzi.johnson@hpspanthers.org
Brett Julius English brett.julius@hpspanthers.org
Rachel Klein Fifth Grade rachel.klein@hpspanthers.org
Whitney Koch Fourth Grade whitney.koch@hpspanthers.org
Cherilyn Kuhl Sixth Grade cherilyn.kuhl@hpspanthers.org
Robert Mark Industrial Arts bob.mark@hpspanthers.org
Leona McConnell Counselor leona.mcconnell@hpspanthers.org
Kelly Murdock Kindergarten kelly.murdock@hpspanthers.org
Jane Ransdell Third Grade jane.ransdell@hpspanthers.org
Richard Rolofson English rich.rolofson@hpspanthers.org
Julie Smith Elem. Counselor julie.smith@hpspanthers.org
Ryan Smith Social Studies ryan.smith@hpspanthers.org
Brittney Stenger Art/Health brittney.stenger@hpspanthers.org
Cale Streeter Physical Education cale.streeter@hpspanthers.org
Dawn Thompson Math dawn.thompson@hpspanthers.org
Missy Thompson Second Grade missy.thompson@hpspanthers.org
Jared Thomsen Third Grade jared.thomsen@hpspanthers.org
Andrea Wilson First Grade andrea.wilson@hpspanthers.org



Tracy Berntson Lunch Account Mgr. tracy.berntson@hpspanthers.org
Diana Connell Act. Sec./Media Tech Asst diana.connell@hpspanthers.org
Merle Konken Bookkeeper merle.konken@hpspanthers.org
Sherri  Laubner A.D. Secretary sherri.laubner@hpspanthers.org
Janette Margritz Lunch Account Mgr. janette.margritz@hpspanthers.org
Stacy  Rogers Elem. Secretary stacy.rogers@hpspanthers.org
Pat  Walz HS Secretary pat.walz@hpspanthers.org


Network Administrator

Kort  Smith   kort.smith@hpspanthers.org



Beth  Cullan   beth.cullan@hpspanthers.org
Melissa Dewey   melissa.dewey@hpspanthers.org
Kristi Eller   kristina.eller@hpspanthers.org
Kathy Fischer   kathy.fischer@hpspanthers.org
Jennifer Hampton   jennifer.hampton@hpspanthers.org
Penni Kosmicki   penni.kosmicki@hpspanthers.org
Stacy McConnell   stacy.mcconnell@hpspanthers.org
Tara Mundt   tara.mundt@hpspanthers.org
Julie Nelson   julie.nelson@hpspanthers.org
Terri Stansbery   terri.stansbery@hpspanthers.org
Jenna Young   jenna.young@hpspanthers.org


Teammate Coordinator

Cathy Hiatt   cathy.hiatt@hpspanthers.org


School Nurse

Julie Fletcher  



Linse   debby.linse@hpspanthers.org


Kitchen Staff

Karen Ditch    
Cindy Kuroki    
Edith Lind    
Vickie DeCent    
Stacey Bach    
Jill Markussen    
Michelle Thompson Head Cook




Todd Streeter Head Custodian todd.streeter@hpspanthers.org
Chuck Daugherty   chuck.daugherty@hpspanthers.org
Mandy Foster   mandy.foster@hpspanthers.org
Ila Kendall   ila.kendall@hpspanthers.org
Kandi Torres   kandi.torres@hpspanthers.org


Bus Drivers

Chris Rankin    
Karen Ditch    
Marv Rankin    
Floydene Brown    

"The district shall notify the parents of each student attending any school that the parents may request, and the district will provide to the parents, on request, in a timely matter, information regarding the professional qualifications of the student's teacher(s).  The district shall also provide timely notice to parents if their child will be taught by a teacher not meeting ESEA/NCLB requirements for four or more consecutive weeks."


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